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Elevate Your Career with Expert Guidance and Support

Equipping You With the Skills You Need to Land a Job in Tech.

At Arkansas Coding Academy, we understand that starting a new career in web or software development can be both thrilling and daunting.

Our program not only equips you with an understanding of programming languages and operating systems but also helps you navigate your career path.

With a 95% job placement rate, you can rest assured that we will give you the tools and resources you need to qualify for a variety of tech jobs.

Turning Beginners Into Career-Ready Web Developers.

Ready to start your journey toward a fulfilling career in software engineering and computer science? With our Technical Career Development program, we will equip you with soft skills in addition to the tech skills that most employers are looking for.

Career Development

The Career Development program is exclusively offered to active students and Full-Stack Alumni. Through a series of engaging workshops and events, participants will gain valuable insights and resources to complement their technical skills, empowering them as they begin their career journey.

Career Transitions

The Career Transitions program is exclusively available to eligible Full-Stack graduates. This program provides robust support for individuals pursuing career paths in data science to ease their transition into the tech industry. In addition to the offerings of the Career Development program, participants can benefit from:

Your Future Is Our Commitment.

With a 95% job placement rate, we are truly committed to your success. With our guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to advance your career and explore new opportunities.

Our Career Development program is accessible to you the moment you enroll in any of our programs. We will assist you in identifying your strengths and career aspirations, crafting a compelling resume, and creating an impressive online portfolio on LinkedIn that showcases your skills and projects.

You’ll also get networking opportunities throughout your time at Arkansas Coding Academy that connect you with the technical community and companies actively seeking entry-level technical talent.

Jumpstart Your Career.

As a student at Arkansas Coding Academy, you’ll:

Frequently Asked Questions

All active Arkansas Coding Academy students have access to the Career Development program.

Arkansas Coding Academy students are prepared for a variety of tech careers, including web developers, software developers, computer research scientists, information security analysts, data scientists, and more.

The Career Development program is open to all active students, regardless of whether you're enrolled in a 3-week or a 6-month course. As long as you're an active student, you'll have access to our Career Development resources.

Career Transitions, on the other hand, is exclusively available to graduates of our Full-Stack Web Development program. In addition to the benefits of Career Development, participants can work closely with a career advisor to craft a tailored job search strategy, conduct speed interviews, and access additional networking opportunities. If you're serious about landing a new job in tech, we recommend completing the full-stack program followed by the Career Transitions program for the best job outlook.

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